Student Leadership

Established In 2011...

The VA21 Student Leadership Development Program and our Student Leadership Committee (SLC) have been the driving force behind our work. SLC is comprised of VA21 Student Leaders and Advocates, a diverse group of individuals hailing from Virginia higher education institutions who have come together for a common cause: building a prosperous Virginia.

Throughout the academic year, we offer hands-on learning, educational workshops, and practical experience so students can tackle the issues facing their campus communities. We provide in-person and virtual events to Virginia students seeking networking opportunities, advocacy training, career readiness, and firsthand experience with the policymaking process.

The Virginia21 curriculum, REAL Civic Engagement, prioritizes four core tenets of civic engagement: Registration, Education, Activation, and Legislation. We help students understand their power from the voting booth all the way to the General Assembly. Students must first make their voices heard by voting in every single election, mobilizing their peers to do the same, remaining informed on issues and candidates at every level, and using their collective voice to impact the policymaking process.

We’re about creating lifelong community leaders who understand that getting involved early is what creates a lasting commitment to civic engagement. Growing beyond buzzwords, students will graduate with the knowledge and skills to educate, mobilize, and activate their peers in service of a common goal. Empower your campus to participate meaningfully in Virginia’s state and local politics by joining today!

Become a Member

Virginia21 offers two tiers of membership: Student Leader and Student Advocate. Our tiered membership structure was built with each student’s unique needs in mind. Membership is free to all currently enrolled Virginia college students, aged 18-35.